Picures from tuesday

NORDUnet is an excellent example of Nordic collaboration.

A warm welcome by Dr. Gunnar Stefánsson

Instead of the usual "state of the union" speech by René Buch, he presents this year the NORDUnet 2020 vision...

...made by all the chiefs of NORDUnet

They identified 15 challenges and list an outline of solutions to them

NORDUnet has come a long way from just supplying bandwidth to other services as well

Some 220 participants are registered

To amuse the participants, a quadricopter test range has been set up

Coffee break

Jan Willem Wlion, Ciena

Jerry Sobieski from NORDUnet - an experienced quadricopter pilot

Ole Frendved Hansen, Forskningsnettet/UNI-C

Lunch in a disco-like environment

Markus Schneider...

...looks for help from above...

...and he even has a prayer.

THe whole conference is streamed and recorded thanks to a large staff

Questions from the audience

My world-famous colleague Tangui Coulouarn (Forskningsnettet/UNI-C), known to more Europeans then Danes, due to his involvement in various European projects

Speakers preparing before going on stage

Harold Teunissen

A question from the chair, Leif Johansson, Sunet/NORDUnet

Wenche Backman, Funet/CSC

Klaas Wierenga, Cisco

Opening reception at the Town Hall of Reykjavik

With an official welcome

Frederik Orellana, University of Copenhagen and my colleague Hans Bjarkov, Forskningsnettet/UNI-C

An exterior view of the Town Hall

Martin Bech, UNI-C, martin.bech@uni-c.dk