Picures from Wednesday

Morning in Reykjavik. My favorite sales rep (Temoc Weber), caught in the searchlight of my camera.

Preparation for the moning keynote.

Practical remarks by Jacqueline Brown

The session chair is Sćţór L. Jónsson, director if RHnet

A demo in the hallway from NTNU shown in 3D, which is an issue of group of Anne C. Elster who is the keynote for Thursday

Roy from FUnet in offline mode

The NetherLight wizzards: Alexander van den Hil and Gerben van Malenstein

In track 3, technical problems with video conferences made the session overflow the time slot totally. This just shows that H.323 is something that is not running by itself and therefore, the world still needs IT support people like us!

A bit of confusion about what room our InterNREN BoF should be in.

A laptop used for text processing

Room problem solved!

Swedes in their natural element

Gala dinner at Perlan, outside of which we could see this sculpture group

OUr nice colleague from the Faroe Islands, Óli Simonsen and his wife Anne

Welcome speech by Lars Fischer

A look towards the conference venue

Lars Fuglevĺg from Uninett is also at work

Back at the hotel. An good example of linear architecture

And another beautiful day is ending in Iceland

Martin Bech, UNI-C, martin.bech@uni-c.dk