TNC16 in Prague - Monday 13/6-2016

Pictures from the other days

The conference is booting for the opening session

The opening session is chaired by Christian Grimm, DFN Director and GÉANT chairman

A welcome speech from the Czech Government: Jan Marek

Jan Gruntorad from CESNET welcomes us all to participate, not only in TNC but also in the 20th anniversary of the CESNET organization

A word from the platinum sponsor: Rodney Wilson from Ciena

A big thanks to the sponsors that made a lot of this possible. Now in more categories than ever before.

To ensure that we are all in the right futuristic mood, the light show is continuing during the speeches, with spotlights panning and changing colours all the time.

Erik Jan Bos, NORDUnet, welcomes us as head of the programme committee

In the introduction for the double-feature keynote, we see pictures from the 1980's of Kees Neggers...

...and Steve Cotter, just before he joined the marines

Dorte Olesen takes the stage for handing out the GÉANT Community Award John Dyer. He has really been a driver of many developments in our community, and naturally, he got the most nominations. All this knowledge kan be yours on a hire basis, since he starts as an independent consultant.

...and they take a dance to celebrate

The second award winner is Stanislav Sima from CESNET who built the first operator-free network and who has been fighting for optical testbed services in GÉANT and everywhere else.

As he died in October 2015, his daughter and wife were there to collect the award.

Last awardee is Scott Cantor from Ohio State University for his work in creating SAML and much of Shibboleth in the early days.

This "Oscar" part of the session continues with Valentino Cavalli, handing out the Vietsch Foundation award to...

Jan Gruntorad, director of CESNET and pioneer of networking in Europe

From a small foundation for a big achievement

Bert van Pinxteren and Dorte Olesen

I'll be back...

Tomi Dolenc from ARNES

Jan Gruntorad posing for the photographers with his Vietsch medal. He certainly deserves it!

A Slovenian moment: Avgust Jauk, Marko Bonac and Tomi Dolenc - all from Arnes

Conference infrastructure: This futuristic animal is the very important base station for the wireless microphones

A part of the conference which has grown quite ubiquitous are the lightning talks.

As animal tamers for this zoo of speakers, we have Karen O'Donoghue from Internet Society and Chris Phillips from CANARIE

Christian Schmitz from OwnCloud

Milos Liska from CESNET

Domenico Vicinanza from GÉANT talking about what must be his favourite subject: Sonification

Renato Furter from SWITCH

...about using something called CloudID instead of the regular AAI federation. For instance for their OwnCloud service. In a sense it goes against all we have fought for, but look at his presentation!

Eduardo Jacob from University of the Basque Country

We love busy slides

Karen O'Donoghue welcoming Alessandra Scicchitano from GÉANT to the stage

Gergana Petrova from RIPE

Vaclav Bartos from CESNET

Sigita Jurkynaitė from GÉANT...

....talking about how to establish trust in the CSIRT community meetings, and also a bit about herself - ending with a selfie from the stage.

Florence Hudson from Internet2

Ann Harding from SWITCH

Laura Paglione from ORCID

Victor Reijs from Ireland (don't let the dutch accent fool you...)

Jakub Moscicki from CERN (known to most people as Kuba)

Following a great tradition, we have the storytellers from Ireland...

Anna Wilson and Brian Nisbet. This shows you can re-invent yourself and still retain a tradition.

As there are a few minutes to spare in the programme, Nicole Harris and Sigita Jurkynaite call for a birthday song... the honour of Brian Nisbet

Petter Kongshaug, director of UNINETT, looking as relaxed as ever

Next, I went to the session on monitoring and management, since I was a speaker there, too.

Chaired by Sergi Figuerola from i2cat

Eduard Grasa, also from i2cat

Brian Tierney from ESnet

The Nordic booth, strategically placed in the middle of the whole exhibition area

Broadcast Tower in 70-futuristic style

...decorated with huge babies

Checking adminssion cards before being let on the bus

The opening reception takes place at the Brevnov Monastery

A very good quartet playing classical hits. Not dominating, high quality and contributing to the fantastic atmosphere of the event. Just the kind of entertainment we like!

NTP of the past - without DDoS amplification attack problems.

A Nordic bunch: Alf Hansen and Øivind Høiem from UNINETT, Per Nihlén (SUnet) and Vidar Faltinsen, UNINETT

In the basement of the monastery, we find this water tank. Has this served as swimming pool, for laundry or what? Help me if you know!

Back in the center of Prague on the shuttle bus after a truely lovely evening

In Prague they repair the infrastructure like we would never dare to: while it is in full operation. Between two trams, the rails are welded.

A peek into the Café Imperial

Martin Bech, DeIC,