TNC16 in Prague - Wednesday 15/6-2016

Pictures from the other days

The morning lightning talks session is chaired by Mirjam Kühne from RIPE and David Wilde from AARnet

Brian Tierney takes the stage for the second time in this conference... make us all aware of a rather unknown, but important feature in major linux distros to get more stable abndwidth utilization from the sender side.

This option will help you to replace the usual sawtooth behaviour with a more stable bandwidth utilization. I didn't know about this before - this is also why it is invaluable to go to TNC!

The new leader of the Estonian NREN, whose organisation is now called HITSA, Kristina Lillemets is seen here with Maria Ristkok (also from HITSA).

Janne Oksanen and Harri Kuusisto - both from Funet/CSC

Janos Mohacsi, NIIF/Hungarnet

Ian Barker from GÉANT in cheerful mood as always

Laura Durnford (GÉANT) interviewing a guy from ADVA

The "TNC system" is connecting...

...and so are we. But not with much success. This conference has been perfect in all other ways, but the WiFi network went down every time there were more than a few people in the room.

David Wilde from AARNet looking glorious as ever

Sandra Denasi from INRIM in Torino

Jean-Luc Dorel from the EC and Lajos Balint from NIIFI/Hungarnet on the metro towards the Gala Evening

Gala Evening at Rudolfinum

From the French table: Mathilde Roger, Marc Turpin, David Verdin and Laurent Gydé from RENATER

More from the francophone table: Benoit Remy from Université de Montpellier, Sabine Jaume from RENATER, Barry Boubakar from WAREN, Gyöngyi Horvath from GÉANT (not so fracophone but welcome anyhow) and to the right we have Jean-Luc Dorel from the EC.

Martin Bech, DeIC,