TNC17 in Linz - Thursday 1/6-2017

Pictures from the other days

Some participants only arrive the last day. Here is one of them: Tor Bloch (consultant for GÉANT) who has replaced his stylish signature FNAC plastic bag with a new brand.

Nicole Harris (GÉANT) is chairing my morning session on open source and the common conservancy initiative.

Susanne Michelsen from NORDUnet shares a very interesting screen with the Henrik Larsen and Gitte Kudsk from DeiC.

Arne Vollertsen (a journalist/writer hired by NORDUnet) takes pictures of people he is interviewing. Now it is my turn.

Nicole Harris has a busy morning, also chairing the next plenary session

...featuring a very american lady, Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic, who tells us to design our graphs and storytelling better.

At the end of the talk she incidentally manages to throw in an advertisement for her new book.

Nicole Harris is still at work on stage

Torben B. Sørensen from DeiC has a question.

As Gyöngyi Horváth is home on maternity leave, Jessie Brockhoff has elegantly taken over the huge job of making all ends meet at the conference. Alongside her, we see the speaker in the next session Seb Chan.

Die Deutsche Ecke: Leonie Schäfer (DFN) and from PRACE, we have Florian Berberich and Ralph Niederberger.

The session is charied by Sergi Figuerola from i2CAT...

...who ends up on the belly of the speaker.

This session is under the governance of the prince charming of AARNet: David Wilde

...and the just as charming Steve Cotter

The local organizer Christan Panigl gets a diploma from GÉANT. You can clearly see how happy this makes him. Jokes aside, he and ACOnet and the whole organization behind the conference has really made a superb job. Thank you, Christian (and all the others)!

Next year's conference is introduced by Olav Isak Sjøflot from UNINETT. sunny Trondheim

He gets a "torch" to carry on to the next conference.


In this post-factual era, a reality service could be a good thing.

Brucknerhalle, where the evening's performance awaits us

Outside, you find a beach bar, although it is probably not healty to swim in the Danube.


...from Brucknerhalle... Gasthaus Freiseder

A very nice guy from Finland without a napkin on his head: Urpo Kaila, who heads the Finnish CERT team.

A fine specimen of genuine Austrian vehicle making: A Steyr 180 tractor.

Home on the bus after the biggest and best conference ever...

With all the warmest thanks from all of us.

Martin Bech, DeiC,