TNC17 in Linz - Tuesday 30/5-2017

Pictures from the other days

This year, the main programme of the conference starts on a tuesday. In sunny Linz.

A sculpture where the main element is keyboards

The architect creating the local radio building has had a field day creating something like a bunker/fortress.

The venue for the conference is the Design Center Linz

The cloakroom before the rush

The ideal pair of conférenciers for the occasion: Die zwei Christians

Christian Panigl, ACOnet, the local organizer

Christian Grimm (DFN), Chairman of the board of GÉANT

Rodney Wilson from Ciena, the platinum sponsor, making him the Father Christmas of sponsors

Christian Panigl introduces the awardees of the GÉANT community awards.

The creators of the eduroam CAT utility. Being on the stage does not affect them - they almost look sleepy.

Does Christian Grimm think: "My dear god - what have I done?"

No - he introduces the next award

for the development of the LOLA software, used for low-latency video conferencing used especially in the performing arts

John Dyer (also looking a bit sleepy) introduces this year's Vietsch award:

John Boland, HEAnet,

who has done so many good things for many years... much so that he even has a halo.

Jerry Sobieski, NORDUnet, has discovered that he will be in my picture blog

The writing on her forehead: Miss Ju...

Often, a LOLA music transmission is detected to be a DoS attack and therefore shut down.

A bit of discussion after the session

Helmut Sverenyák from CESNET with all his friends ;-)

A BoF on a possible SIG/TF on legal matters

...chaired by Erik Huizer from SURFnet

Evelijn Jeunink, the legal advisor from SURFnet

Historically, almost all Austrian vehicle manfacturers have been taken over by big foreign corporations: Puch, Steyr, Rotax etc. This one, however may be next in line: Carello Duett

A group of Swedish-ish people, preparing for the event in the evening talking about serious stuff, while just consuming fresh air

The Danish bunch preparing. Same thing, but with the addition of local agricultural products

And Michel Wets from SURFnet, consuming fresh air through yet another agricultural product

The City Museum resides in a bulding called Nordico, after the Scandinavian students in a Jesuit school from 1710 to 1786. Those Nordic people are everywhere...

Jean-Luc Dorel from the EC: After many years as responible for the GÉANT project funds, he is here as a tourist. Today, he is occupied with Next Generation Internet, which is something else - or is it?

A Portugese gathering: Nelson Dias, Salomé Branco and João Gomes - all from FCCN - the Portugese NREN

A flock of swans - self-organization among peers - a nice picture of NRENs working together

Martin Bech, DeiC,