TNC17 in Linz - Wednesday 31/5-2017

Pictures from the other days

Linz has a lot of surprises. Here, we have a kindergarten for old people?

Anna Everitt from GÉANT tells me that she was shipped in a container together with the furniture of the booth, and lives there for the rest of the year.

A unified e-Infrastructure landscape in Europe is a vision which is easy to explain, but difficult to achieve. Are we creating the tower of Babel in trying to unite them?

The first session in the morning is on research engagement. First, the initiator of the newly-created TF-RED, Sylvia Kuijpers from SURFnet.

The panel is chaired by Jakob Tengel froma DFN.

The conference bags can serve as tank tops if you cut away the bottom. Only problem is that one size does not fit all, as Victor Reijs fraom HEAnet demonstrates here.

Displaying their laid back attitudes, we have here Maarten Kremers (SURFnet) and Ioannis Kakavas (GRnet)

Ready for a plenary again

But first a word from the other platinum sponsor, Geoff Bennett from Infinera

The first speaker is introduced by Inder Monga from ESnet

Still no stress in the cloakroom

Erik Huizer is getting legal advice from Evelijn Jeunink.

Chairs and secretaries of TFs and SIGs meet in the lunch break

A running ADVA demo

At TNC, meetings take place on all levels - everywhere. Here, we have Helga Spitaler from GÉANT and Arianna Akmatova from CAREN.

The technical guys on the balcony that we need to thank for so much of the conference experience. Thank you.

One of the techies is my former colleague, Bo Sixten Staahle, now employed by NORDUnet.

He shows me the normal internet traffic from the Wireless LAN. Up to 180 Mbps traffic is impressive.

However, this fades into background noise when a big trial is using 32 Gbps.

This URIMAT is not a good place to urinate

This session is chaired by Baiba Kaskina, who has been a part of our community for many years and who now heads the Latvian CERT

Gustavo Garcia from CLARA phoning home

You also need to see the Infinera bus

and the Infinera products

including those where the glue on the Infinera sticker covering the Transmode logo is not yet dry

Very elaborate "Ampelmänner"

Is it Polish week or why are treir flag alongside the Austrian?

Is in houses like this you imagine that Mozart could have stayed in Linz when he wrote his "Linzer" symphony in 1783.

A view towards the town hall and its bell tower,

where we have a good example of redundant infrastructure: If the sun is not visible, there is a backup clock on top. Et vice versa.

Danes having dinner in town

A name with the Danish version of the letter "Æ". Nordic influence is creeping in everywhere.

A visualization of the magnetosphere of Earth which protects us against cosmic radiation, that would otherwise be lethal. Luckily, it is there and we can sleep well. Just what we need after such an action-packed day.

Martin Bech, DeiC,