TNC18 in Trondheim - Tuesday 12/6-2018

Pictures from the other days

I take a hotel bike to the conference venue. I park it, and just where I park it, ...

...they have put a sign, saying: "Great that you cycle - are you up to the challenge of finding the bicycle parking?". How could they know, I would put my bicycle precisely there?

Well - I find the authorised parking, but it is placed the furthest away from the entrance as possible. No wonder it is not popular.

At a conference like TNC, the staff is essential for making everything work. Here, in the middle, we see Bo Sixten Ståhle from NORDUnet.

The first session in the morning is about data transfer nodes and science DMZ and things you think you have heard before. However, there are always new aspects and angles to learn about, and as long the overall problem is not solved, this topic has a relevance indeed.

How long does it take to move a PetaByte in your network? A day? A week? A month?

Globus File Transfer. Maybe we should implement it at home?

A group photo for the identity mafia

Hindrik Bruining, AARNet

A more well-known AARNet colleague in the community is David Wilde

...introducing one of the platinum sponsors: Rodney Wilson from Ciena

One of the coolest and warmest edges of the network is introduced in this very inspiring and funny talk about research networking in Kenya and surrounding countries... the director of KENET, Meoli Kashorda

One of the most extreme places where our networks go, is Ny Ålesund in Spitsbergen, told by Helge Stranden from UNINETT

...whois wearing his playsuit. Inside it, the temperature is probably far from arctic

Another platinum sponsor

The next platinum sponsor, Rene Buch from NORDUnet is preparing his short speech

Introducing the lightning talks, batch 2, we have Nicole Harris (GÉANT) and Rob Evans (Jisc)

Siju Mammen (CSIR) from South Africa

Mercy John from Nigeria is making the point that even though Africa is well connected judging by the number of sea cables, it is still not the experience of ordinary people, and therefore, she argues for more solar powered mobile communications base stations

The speaker with the longest name ever. To be user freindly, she says you can just call her Hari.

Hari comes from the Madagascar NREN: i RENALA

A very good talk about statistics by Renato Furter from SWITCH

...who also talks about the pet food packaging problem: The NRENs make services for the end users (aka pets), but the marketing has to be done towards the central IT department (aka the keepers of the pets), and therefore, the marketing has to be directed to someone else than the actual end user

For her talk, Sigita Jurkynaite (GÉANT)...

...has invented "Securitinder" as a means of activating the audience while doing marketing for the various groupd in the security field, for which she is part of the organization.

Guy Halse from TENET (South Africa) has a very interesting talk about how you could take eduroam authenticaten completely into the cloud. At least for smller organizations.

The very professional and important leader of the team that provides video and wifi is Erik Kikkenborg from NORDUnet. Normally, he makes everything work smoothly, ...

...but at this conference this does not completely apply to the WiFi network. Meet Erik and get the long explanataion as to why this is the case!

The very important session about the future GÉANT network... chaired by Bram Peeters from GÉANT

In the regional network of South Eastern Europe, you should expect that NORDUnet has no role.

However, it seems Rene Buch has his own node

Cloud services reception - a good way to round off a busy conference day

In the middle of the reception, we see George Konnis, manager of CYNET, ...

...he sees the photographer...

...and of course we need a proper pictures of George.

In the city, you see a lot of conference participants: Tangui Coulouarn from DeiC and Paulo Pamplona from NORDUnet. A fun fact: They both speak Portuguese.

CEO dinner at Kvilhaugen Gård

with a nice view

The sun sets (slowly) in over the fiord after another very good conference day

Martin Bech, DeiC,