TNC18 in Trondheim - sightseeing

Pictures from the other days

I stayed in Trondheim in the weekend before the conference. To serve as inspiration if you should have break from the conference and to provide photografic evidence that the sun can actually shine in Trondheim, here are some pictures from the sights around the town.

Getting around in Trondheim is made easier by a bicycle elevator

However, it requires considerable skill and practice

Kristiansten Fortress from 1684.

...where a wedding party is held. This is an opportunity to see the Norwegian traditional costume (called a "bunad") in various forms.

You can buy a "bunad" in the city. It costs a fortune.

Munkholmen - a small island outside Trondheim with a fortress from the same era as Kristiansten. You get there in 10 minutes by boat from Ravnkloa.

Munkholmen was also used by the Germans in WW2 for flak guns - here an optical range finder.

The main tower...

...served for many years as a prison.

The most famous prisoner was Peder Griffenfeld (world famous in Denmark and Norway and nowhere else), that had a private chamber in the upper floor.

The powder chamber, that served as hospital during WW2.

Nice wildlife: Eider ducks, known for their role as pillow stuffing.

Common gulls

The black guillemot, nesting on the island

Stiftsgården, the largest mansion made of wood in the Nordic area. Built 1778 for the Danish administration. Used today as royal residence.

Norwegian - I love the language: What is known in the rest of the world as an ATM, s much more descriptively named "Minibank".

The main building of the largest university in Norway: NTNU. You find their activities all over town.


A very original restaurant...

...with a very authentic backyard

The old city bridge


Nidarosdomen - with the facade rebuilt in the 1800's to ressemble what it looked like before the reformation

Ringve - a very nice suggestion for a few hours outside Trondheim. Just take bus line 3 or 4.

The main feature is a musical instrument museum.

...and the NTNU botanical garden. Here, it is the renaissance section with medical herbs etc.

A rather more brutal kind of architecture are Dora 1 and 2, the WW2 bunkers built as U-boat shelters by the German navy. They consist of so much concrete that they have proven impossible to demolish and they are now used as dry docks, parking, industry, offices, ...

...and even as karate studio

Trondheim a such a safe place that the central fire station does not need access to the main road. When you see this, you think it is not true. Go and check for yourself.

Maybe the road access is on the other side of the building? No - here, the fire engines would just tubmle into the river.

Norway is the coutry in the world with most electric cars per capita. This means you will se a lotof Teslas, BMWs ets. However, they are not all equally big and impressive: This Buddy is originally a Danish design, but is now manufactured in Norway.

Another suggestion for a few hours picnic is to take the tram (called trikk in Norwegian) from St. Olavs Gate... the lake called Lianvatnet 235m above sea level

From the tram, you can also see the conference venue from this angle.

Martin Bech, DeiC,