TNC19 in Tallinn - Tuesday 18/6-2019

Pictures from the other days
Cathrin Stöver from GÉANT wears two hats this morning: The GÉANT hat chairing the session and the ESOC executive board hat presenting...

...the well-known elephant figure, modified into an EOSC context.

Liina Munari from DG CONNECT talking about how she sees the EOSC elephant

Tiziana Ferrari from EGI presenting EOSC-hub

Finding the slides...

...for Natalia Manola, director of OpenAIRE

Alasdair Reed from EFIS Centre...

...about eInfra Central. Let us hope this project can meet the expectations in this mission.

The keynote block in the programme of the day features Merike Kaeo, who talks about trust in the digital world.

She was involved in the very early phase of research networking in Estonia

Session chair: Inder Monga from ESnet

A (remarkably short) question from Mauro Campanella (GARR)

The support from PSNC/NORDUnet has become very professional - among other things including a large camera boom

Meeting i the Tower Room, used for smaller meetings by Erik Huizer

A glimpse of the massive concrete structure from the 1980 Olympics

Time for the second installment of lightning talks, chaired by Nicole Harris (GÉANT) and Nicholas Mbonimpa (RENU in Uganda). There is a competition among the speakers to be awarded the best lightning talk.

Niels var Dijk from SURFnet has his own competetion, though:

How few bytes can you use for your portrait image. Niels wins!

Jani Myyry from FUnet/CSC has guts.

It sure takes courage to enter the lightning talks competition with an OTDR diagram

Olamma Iheanetu from Covenant University in Ota, Nigeria, gets a second go at her lightning talk. Today, with her own slides.

For the final lightning talk, the lights are dimmed

In cartoon-style the story of how TNC19 was organized is told by

the man with the "Ladies and Gentlemen" voice: Damian Niemir from PSNC

The staff takes part of the talk as actors, setting up everything. Amazing performance - just like the real support at the conference for multimedia/stage/lightning/sound/video/etc

To increase the ambience and create a special atmosphere at TNC, some special lighting has been installed to illuminate the old cauldron

People meeting in small groups. The many big and small side meetings are just as important for many participants as the sessions themselves.

In my next session Rogier Spoor gets to talk about eduVPN for the third time in the conference.

The small hall has a kind of balcony

A "spontaneous" event at the ECI booth with Prosecco and pre-ordered snacks

Meeting about the support for TFs and SIGs.

The city bus to the seaplane harbour suddenly gets a lot of extra passengers wearing conference badges. It is really a good initiative to make the badge work as a city transport ticket.

An all-wooden submarine

Christian Schmitz from OwnCloud plays the captain

Does anyone know what this is?

The seaplane harbour hangar

A WW2 submarine on display

Boats and sea markings are made to appear floating on water. Elegant!

The largest ventilators I have ever seen

People at the conference: Dick Visser (GÉANT), Rogier Spoor (SURFnet) and François Kooman (DeiC)

A freindly pair from RENATER: Claude Gross and Laurent Gydé

A nice evening in the good company of inspiring colleagues and really well organized in the most impressive venue. What more could you desire?

Martin Bech, DeiC,