TNC19 in Tallinn - Wednesday 19/6-2019

Pictures from the other days
8 o'clock at the last day at the conference and Damien is already at the controls in the big conference room (called the Black Box).

Session chair of the morning session is Vincenzo Capone from GÉANT

Heidi Morgan from University of Southern California

Michael Stanton from RNP in Brazil

Len Lotz from TENET...

...presents this map where all the unimportant bits are removed

All speakers on the scene for questions

Next session chaired by JP Velders (Amsterdam University)

Jørgen Qvit from NORDUnet prays to higher powers

A stroll in the lunch break: The large concrete structure is fenced off because of some film recording. It will be interesting to see that film will use this as a location

The old harbour piers are in need of a bit of service

...this is also true for the big concrete structure

Our nice colleagues from the NREN in Ecuador, CEDIA: Flavio Rodriques and Carlos Guzman

The slide says Welcome!, but it is in fact Goodbye! - since it is the closing session.

A lot of bright ideas

The keynote speaker: Tusu Tusubira, the founding CEO of UbuntuNet, professor in Uganda and many other things.

Erik makes the whole TNC19 close with a magic wand

In the evening, there is a dinner for the GÉANT GA representatives who are going to be here in Tallinn for yet another day. It is held in the TV tover - a giant struture, built in 1980.

170m above ground. Quite nervewrecking to stand there.

The CEO of HEAnet, Kerrie Power with a smile on her face...

...but not for long

Her colleague from HEAnet, Ronan Byrne, shares that sentiment

...but not for long

The sun almost never sets on this, the longest day of the year.

Midnight in Tallinn. The best TNC ever is at an end. We all owe a great thanks to EENet, GÉANT and all the other contributing organizations and individuals.

Martin Bech, DeiC,