TERENA Networking Conference 2003 in Zagreb (day 4)

Thursday - last day of the conference. The day starts off with a little panic, as the hotel has rented one of the rooms allocated for the conference, to someone else. So, to my surprise, the room is being vacuum cleaned and furniture is moved around. The session was put in another room, but just for a minute, I thought that I should have gone home by yesterday.

For me, the morning session is about mobility. Here, the concept is nicely illustrated by Klaas Wierenga from SURFnet.

Three different solutions were presented.

The last plenary session had only one speaker: Tony Bates from UBC in Vancouver - the capitol of marihuana in Canada, as he said...

Therefore, they have been really creative, and changed their university, so teaching is profoundly exploiting networking and IT. However, most universities are not like that, and the reasons for that can be seen in this slide.

Questions from the audience.

And then it's closing time. The TERENA president, David Williams, thanks everybody, and Shirley Wood from the executive committee thanks everybody else.

At last, a bit of propaganda for the next conference, which is to be held at the island of Rhodes. We will be looking forward to that.

This conference has been remarkably good in every aspect, and we all owe a lot of gratitude to all the people behind the organization of the conference. Thank you!

Martin Bech