TERENA Networking Conference 2004 in Rhodes (day 2)

Before the conference started this morning, a very popular activity was looking at a passage of Venus - a rare astronomic phenomenon that will occur next time in 2012. A well-prepared conference participant (John Taylor from Glimmerglass Networks) brought a telescope along that people were queuing up for.

Looking into the telescope, this was what could be seen.

Reception desk. At this time, everything was calm, but monday, a lot of frustrated participants dominated the scene. A considerable fraction of the payments had not been registered.

Exhibition area.

The morning plenary session was chaired by Karel Vietsch

The deputy project manager for the EGEE project, Robert Jones from CERN, told us about the project.

The green layer in the middle, illustrates the middleware, and for the bottom layer, a new term is introduced: underware!

Jaap van Till told us about the Internet, viewed as a fractal structure where you will find that it has the same properties at every level,

...and concluded (among others) that is unsafe at any level!

Some exhibits were placed outside

The TERENA secretariat has the most spacious office ever seen.

Steve Williams chairing...

A lecture about H.350 by Egon Verharen and Jill Gemmill

It is, of course, the intention that this standard will replace the current confusion...

...by a sane and ordered world. Let's hope so!

Ben Teitelbaum...

...told about how important it is to make user interfaces and directories easy to use.

The idea of positioning through measuring of signal strengths at 802.11 access points is very appealing. Where can I buy it?

Ian Marsh

The terminal room

The TERENA Secretariat is busy as always

Outside, the sun is really bright

Another sign that we are in Greece: Back home, this would just be an ordinary lecture room...

... but down here, it is of course called an amphitheatre.

Some of the Danes talking. Even though this is a very international conference, you somehow tend to talk mostly to the people from at home.

Another guy from at home: Tommy Ravn Jensen from UNI-C. Here, he is learning about his area of daily responsibility: security

The session was chaired by Baiba Kaskina from TERENA, and we started with Udo Payer presenting NIDS, a new approach to intrusion detection systems...

...followed by Georgios Androulidakis, who uses netflow-data for his IDS approach

Klaus Mochalski told about his Ph.D. project where the liaison between QoS and packet burstiness is explored.

Concluding the session, Heather Boyles, did a presentation on the HOPI project, which seemed to be work in progress, in the sense that no results had come out yet.

Another Dane: Lars Fischer from Nordunet.

AYAD (=and yet another Dane), Steen Petersen to the right. He is manager of the danish research network, Forskningsnettet.

A well-known face at networking conferences: Ken Klingenstein, who promised not to talk about Shibboleth, but instead of all the new developments in Internet2. As you may guess, Shib was mentioned quite a few times anyhow.

Earlier in the day, we heard about underware, and this session is called "Upperware".

Per Thorbøll from UNI-C (YAD) talks about a hybrid Single Sign On solution that is used by potentially several hundred thousand users throughout the whole educational sector in Denmark.

Next talk was really "Sympa"

Check it out youreselves

We must not forget the technical staff who (since the power blackout during the opening session) did a great job. If you are not aware, the whole thing has been transmitted by video streaming. See it yourselves at the TERENA site.

Per Thorbøll talking to participants who represent other approaches to Single Sign On.

In the evening, the TERENA president, Dorte Olesen, had time for a drink with the Danish colleagues before rushing off to some other meeting.

Martin Bech