TERENA Networking Conference 2004 in Rhodes (day 4)

Thursday. Claudio Allocchio was once again on duty in the Research Infrastructure track. The first talk was done by Bob Aiken who advocated that production networks and network research should come together again, like in the pioneering days. He argued, that with a flexible optical infrastructure, there were no contraction between the two.

Next, Olivier Martin from CERN outlined the network challenges ahead of us, when we are to cope with the data produced by ...

the LHC. Here it is again. Earlier in the conference, one of Olivier Martin's colleagues from CERN, Robert Jones, pointed out that the red circle is not actually painted on the landscape. This is nice to know, since you tend to believe it, when you see it so many times, presented by different people.

Guy Almes (another insightful Internet2 guy), presents a very interesting talk about how much we can tune current TCP implementations to make performance improvements in WAN networks.

The conference participants from Denmark are not all operators of the network. A good representative of the users is Jørgen Gomme from the University of Copenhagen, where he is head of an IT department.

The closing session is chaired by the president of TERENA, Dorte Olesen (yet another dane, but I may have covered that already).

The last talk is about adult learning - a noble cause, presented by...

Alan Noble.

Then it's time for closing remarks. First, Shirley Wood, ...

...and her slide says it all.

One of the biggest applauses went to the technical staff at GRNET who provided us all with an excellent connection.

A short presentation of the venue for...

the next TERENA Networking Conference

Dorte Olesen allowed a short "commercial" for ...

... another networking conference ...

... presented by Lars Skogan from UNINETT.

Friday evening, some of the TERENA staff was out celebrating in the city.

In my opinion, they deserve it! So do all the other people involved in this year's conference. It has been a really good conference again this year and we are already looking forward to the next!

Martin Bech