TNC2005 in Poznan - thursday 9/6-2005

The morning starts with a session about campus networks chaired by John Dyer, where Dai Davies starts telling about the largest campus network I know: GEANT2.

John Graham, UKLight, asks a question.

Victoriano Giralt from University og Malaga gives the users tha ability to control how much of their contact details are put on internal and external portals, using LDAP.

And a T-shirt was given to everyone with a relevant question. A lot of T-shirts were handed out.

The TERENA staff is always busy.

Dane-spotting: Network manager Ole Kjśrgaard from UNI-C, enjoying the good weather that finally came on the last day.

The bridge that goes nowhere. Maybe it is used as a study object for the nearby technical university.

It's flower-time! The closing session is upon us.

The local technical staff, who have done so well. Then it is OK to look a bit tired.

Dorte is chairing the closing session...

...where the talk is given by Kevin Warwick from University of Reading, who is perhaps the world's foremost researcher in cybernetics.

After the premiere of "I, robot" featuring Will Smith, CNN brought the two together, and Kevin could ask Will: - Could you imagine to have your body enhanced by artificial implants? Will Smith answered: - Yes! Kevin Warwick then asked: - Which part would you like to have enhanced first?

Kevin Warwick also tried to control devices, such as this wheel-chair by nervous impulses, captured by an implant in his arm.

Shirley Wood is as always leading the big thank you ceremony. My pictures only show a few examples of all the people that we need to thank for the effort put into making the whole thing a good experience for all of us.

Finally, Roberto Barbera from University of Catania comes on stage to tell us what goes on in his back yard...

The slide says it all.

Yet another Dane: Steen Pedersen, who is chairman of the Nordunet board and manager for the Danish Research Network, Forskningsnettet.

After a very good conference, it is always with a bit of sadness that you leave.

At this point, the only things keeping you from your loved ones back home are the hassles of international travel.

Coming home from a TERENA Networking Conference, you think that this was the best conference ever. In my opinion, this has been the case this year, too. So, thanks to all organizers. contributors and participants for the best conference ever!

Martin Bech