TNC2005 in Poznan - tuesday 7/6-2005

This is a Polish type of car I totally adore. The Zuk van. Cute and robust at the same time. According to my dictionary, zuk means beetle - but as this car is far from being beetle-shaped, it must be an acronym? Is there any experts who can comment on this?

The impressive auditorium from above.

The day starts with a very interesting talk by Dai Davies from Dante about network throughput and congestion when the network is no longer packet switched, as is the case with lambda networking. The Danish mathematician Agner Erlang did not live his life in vain.

Bob Cowles from the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center gave a talk about the many security threats that most of us tend to ignore. The briefest possible summary of this talk would simply be: "Be careful out there!"

The main hallway is busy

A nice turnout for the EduRoam session, and even more people came in during the session.

Klaas Wierenga ...

... talked about EduRoam.

Then I was on the podium myself. Could anyone send me a picture?

Martijn Arts from ZaPPWeRK in Holland talked about the project "Culture in the Neighborhood" that is using location-based mobile services.

Here, you see a portrait of a human DHCP server. The regular one broke down due to heavy load, and therefore, it was decided to hand out fixed IP addresses in exchange for MAC addresses. To keep track of who had what, a list was kept, that you see on the table in front of the (human) server.

Developments in the field of biometrics standardization by John Larmouth

Torgny Hallenmark from Lund had the perfect recipe for becoming popular with the users: Just get rid of all spam! A successful approach towards this had been to introduce greylisting on the mailservers.

Here, you can see that the human DHCP server is using a distributed database setup. The data is distributed across several sheets of paper.

More Dane-spotting: David Simonsen from UNI-C to the left, talking to some colleagues from Portugal. I bet they are talking about EduRoam...

New directions in mobility: Francis Lee about an ad hoc networking project in Singapore public transport and Matthias Wählisch with a talk about the theoretical aspects of doing multicast in a wireless environment.

Sitting in one of the back rows, ...

... we find the staff taking care of streaming and video recording. A huge operation with five parallel tracks.

The crosses besides the names of Hans Eertink and others in this slide, do not mean that anything fatal has happened to them.

Henk Eertink is very much alive, and gave a talk about a dynamic approach to connecting Radius servers in the EduRoam project.

Marching towards the buses.

Under a tramway intersection, this underground café is located. It has parasols outside - why, one wonders...

Poznan is really a nice city.

Some of the Danes out to eat. After another busy and productive day at the conference, we feel we deserve it.

Martin Bech