TNC2010 in Vilnius - Monday 31/5-2010

Pictures from the other days

This morning before the conference opening, started for me with the joint TF-CPR and TF-MSP meeting

Walter van Dijk thinks it is time to get started

The meeting is skillfully led by John Dyer from TERENA and Walter van Dijk from SURFnet

Carrie Solomon from TERENA - the new driving force behind the PeaR newsletter and other PR activities from TERENA.

A funny cartoon about the cloud concept. Try it using the link on the slide.

As a somewhat unusual thing for a TF meeting, group discussions were organized.

The chairman of the TF-MSP, the always positive deputy director of RedIRIS, Dr. Alberto Pérez Gómez.

These meetings wouldn't be the same without the laptops

Through to us via video, we had a brief statement from Andres Steijaert, SURFnet

Laura Durnford from TERENA is busy at her PC - probably writing the minutes of the meeting

A much aweaited coffee break that was just about to go away since we did not get out of the room before the waiters from the hotel had deemed it too late.

Then it is my turn to do a brief statement. But first the laptop needs to be connected.

And then I talk about what we do in the Nordunet CTO forum and about the recent eveluation of all our services in the Danish NREN, Forskningsnettet, that we have just completed.

Ann Harding, SWITCH, presenting results from the group session

John Chevers, Dante


The registration desk

The TERENA booth is very busy, helped by the fact that they peddle various sorts of small gadgets and PeaR-shaped candy

The opening session of the conference, is chaired by the president himself, Janne Kanner.

The Lithuanian education and science vice minister, Nerija Putinaite, gives the official welcome speech.

Then is is time for Hannes Lubich, with a speech about security and how that is handeled by the different generations, but first there is quite a long introduction due to some technical problem with the presentation.

My Danish colleagues, Gitte Kudsk and Ole Kjśrgaard

A important part of the infrastructure is the power outlets, which are available everywhere in more than sufficient numbers. We like it!

The wireless network, however, seems to be totally overloaded on this first day.

Time for a promotional pitch for one of the gadgets handed out at the TERENA booth.

In this picture, you can almose head Ingrid Melve from UNINETT, saying something like: "First, you need an identity federation, then..."

Andrew Cormack from JANET in conversation with Janne Kanner, FUNET.

Miroslav Milinovic from CARNet and vice president for conferences in TERENA

Prominent members of the AAI mafia: Ken Klingenstein (USA), David Simonsen (DK) and Leif Johansson (Nordunet).

You can easily imagine Dale Robertson from Dante saying: "It is absolutely mandatory for you to go to alle the sessions marked with the GEANT logo".

A view from the conference hotel: Buildings in functional/monumental concrete style

The opening reception is held at the national gallery, situated close to the conference hotel.

More Danish colleagues: Helge Scherlund and Ole Frendved

This is portraying my managing director, resisting the opposition

Probably the most diverse and elaborate buffet I have ever seen. Really impressive.

A band playing various evergreens, featuring a kind of light show, that reminded me of my youth in the 70's.

Local desert buffet

Local specialities, including marinated herrings - just like at home in Denmark!

Cakes at the next buffet - impressive!

Outside the museum...

...people enjoy the good weather which is far better than the met-office predicted.

Nice people from the TERENA Secretariat: Dick Visser, Valentino Cavalli and Licia Florio

Jacqueline Brown from Pacific Wave and Tony Breach from Nordunet

Vilnius: The high, new buildings on the north side of the river and the old town on the south side.

The national gallery was indeed a very well-suited place for the reception. However, we were not allowed to see the museum - and even photography was not allowed. Shame on me!

Martin Bech, UNI-C,