TNC2010 in Vilnius - Sunday 30/5-2010

Pictures from the other days

Like everyone else, I need to get to the conference first

Arriving at the conference venue... know you are in the right place, once you see the well-known TERENA sign.

Time to explore the town of Vilnius

The weather is beautiful - in contrast to the weather forecast for the rest of the conference week.

A beautiful evening scenery

Being from Denmark, it is quite surprising to see a familiar Danish Bank in Vilnius

The National Museum

A very peculiar thing: A sort of cemetary for padlocks on a bridge. I am told that this is the result of a tradition where newly wedded couples hang a padlock on the bridge as a symbol. If anyone knows what exactly this is meant to symbolize, please mail it to me. My initial thought was that this is closer to symbolize divorce, unless it is the padlock from a chastity belt. Explanations, anyone?

Martin Bech, UNI-C,