TNC2010 in Vilnius - Thursday 3/6-2010

Pictures from the other days

The morning session was led by Serge Droz from SWITCH, and covered various aspects of green IT.

Patrick Grossetete from Arch Rock Corporation in France is an expert in wireless sensor networks, which is the ideal technology for monitoring all sorts of things in your datacenter

Alain Bidaud from CRIHAN in France which is one of the supporting organizations of Renater. His talk covered a lot of practical aspects about establishing measurements of power consumption and other things that are important in optimizing a data center.

Results of a task in GEANT on the environmental impact of the GEANT network were presented by ...

... my very own colleague from UNI-C, Jřrgen Moth.

Briefly, the conclusion was that the carbon footprint of the GEANT backbone network is equivalant to that of just 200 citizens, whereas the carbon emissions saved by using the network by far superseeded the negative effects.

The last speaker in the session was again a UNI-C colleague, our technical director Ole Kjćrgaard,

who told about a number of practical aspects of energy optimization in a datacentre.

My dream of a dashboard.

The discussions continued long after the talk, and ...

...even long into the break.

Closing session. Miroslav Milinović on stage.

Closing keynote by Ingrid Melve from UNINETT

Janne Kanner making a special thanks to Lajos Bálint from HUNGARNET, who has served as the treasurer of TERENA for 6 years.

He even gets a hug

The closing session is also the moment to make status and statistics

and thank the local organizers who has done such a good job

and thank all the staff. They deserve it!

A thanks to Gyöngyi Horváth from TERENA

A brief commercial by Jón Ingi Einarsson from RHnet

to come to the NORDUnet conference in Reykjavik.

You know - they never have a dull moment in Iceland.

And faithful to the tradition, we also had a commercial for next year's conference, which is in Prague,

CESNet had even made a nice film about the whole thing.

Time to say goodbye to new and old freinds,

Goodbye to the conference venue

and goodbye to Vilnius.

A very good conference and a very good organization. As an average participant, I also need to thank all parties involved for a splendid and fruitful conference.

Martin Bech, UNI-C,