TNC2012 in Reykjavik - Monday 21/5-2012

Pictures from the other days

A beautiful day starts with bright sunshine and a coffee in the courtyard of the conference center

Inside, we have the new TERENA president, Mr. Pierre Bruyère from Belnet (the smiling person)

Morning coffee for John Dyer and associates

John has a busy morning. Here, he is, manning the TERENA booth.

The staff in the booth of Huawei, whose etnicity reflects the brand

An Italian moment

People gathering for the...

...Ciena 100G demo

In the main conference room, one of the organizers, Jon Ingi Einarsson from RHnet, doing technical preparations.

The opening session is presented by the TERENA president, Pierre Bruyère, who gives the floor to...

the minister

and the rector of the University of Iceland, Jon Atli Benediktsson, for a second welcome address

The main keynote speech is done by one of the people behind the EVE game, Hilmar Veigar Petursson

who mentions Icelandic economy as an experimental kitchen. A really illustrative and funny figure, which I have not been able to find online.

This was really a high point in the conference. A fantastic story about something which is both a technological and social project that could never have been realized before the internet.

An online universe, where all the action is created by the users themselves.

And the EVE came will soon be supplemented with a first-person-shooter game dimension

Coffee break with a lot of interaction

At the Nordunet booth, there is not so much interaction. I pity my colleague Gitte Kudsk, who takes her turn.

The registration ladies on duty

A clear message from Windows

After the opening plenary, I went to the session on Bandwidth on Demand (BoD), chaired by Guy Roberts from Dante

Radowan Krzywania from PSNC presents about NSI - the new middleware in Bandwidth on Demand.

with a demo that requires some assistance

with quite a large auduence for this nerdy type of subject

Next item is Paul Boven, who is always nice to hear

Peter Kaufmann from DFN in the audience

Jeroen van der Ham from University of Amsterdam presenting... a BoD system handles topology

He uses NSI as an example, but has not clear answer as to what metric NSI will use when determining shortest path... is actually a difficult question.

Paul Boven and Per Nihlén from Nordunet

More interaction after the session: Diego Lopez from Telefonica in the middle.

A Danish colleague on the conference: Josva Kleist, Nordunet.

The Greek corner. They are here as saviours of their country because they represent new internet technology and the new economy.

Niels Hersoug from Dante who is busy as always

Before the opening reception, we, the people from DeIC, are going to visit the supercomputer we have a part-ownership of, together with Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

It is placed at the Thor Data Center in Hafnarfjordur

The computer is placed in Iceland because of the supply of very cheap and completely green energy

The group finds this very interesting

We love computers

More information on this computer can be found in

And we love all the other necessary infrastructure

The only non-green element in the datacenter: The diesel generator

The circuit breaker room...

...outside of which another piece of necessary infrastructure can be found

This is not a physics experiment, but the humidifier.

We loove computers

More necessary infrastructure

There is still spare room for servers at the Thor Data Centre.

Another piece of IT infrastructure: Barbed wire

When our bus arrives at the viking village...

...we are attacked by vikings... order to create an authentic atmosphere in the viking village, where the opening reception is held.

The whole thing takes place on a converted parking lot

More food and drinks are available inside the Viking House.

Nice colleagues from AARnet: Guido Aben and Mary Fleming. I wonder how many days it takes to get here from Australia. When you do such a trip, you really have to be dedicated.

Baiba Kaskina from SigmaNet in Latvia, Kevin Meynell from TERENA and Jean-Luc Dorel from the EC.

The buses drop paople off at the Saga Hotel

Long time after being dropped off, a few refuse to go home and stay in a group and talk. This is in many ways what a conference like this is also about.

The sunset is not as spectacular as yesterday, but it is still visible.

Martin Bech, DeIC/UNI-C,