TNC2012 in Reykjavik - Thursday 24/5-2012

Pictures from the other days

The morning session is chaired by Peter Szegedi from TERENA

We start with We Doonan from ADVA...

...and continue with Klaus Grobe, who is also from ADVA

and ends with Rodney Wilson from Ciena

A TERENA conference would not be a TERENA conference without slides like this.

The 100G demo to Iceland

The closing session is hosted by Miroslav Milinovic from SRCE who is also TERENA Vice President for conferences, who gives the floor to

Leslie Daigle from ISOC

And finally to the ubiquitous closing ceremony

Miro tells us that ...

...this was the biggets conference ever. Fantastic!

There is a student poster prize

Then Pierre Bryuère...

...has a special announcement...

...which has to do with honoring Klaas Wierenga for taking the first initiative to start what has since become eduroam, which has now 10 years anniversary.

He gets a T-shirt

Klaas says a few words about sharing of ideas

Thank you Klaas.

Then the organizers have to be recognized. They deserve it!

And a great thanks to Gyöngyi Horvath from TERENA

A special thanks to Miro whose term as vice president for conferences is up. It is hard to imagine that anyone could end with a better result than the largest conference ever.

Next TNC will be in Maastricht

which is presented by Kees Neggers, who is - by the way - retiring as director for SURFnet this year.

There is a film advertising the whole thing

And the PR gimmick is a chocolate QR-code. It is a bit like spy novel: Read the message and swollow the thing!

Last goodbyes.


As a special PS to this report, I can tell from the subsequent GA meeting that we saw a glimpse of the TERENA secretary general, Karel Vietsch. Best wishes from all of us!

Martin Bech, DeIC/UNI-C,