TNC2012 in Reykjavik - Tuesday 22/5-2012

Pictures from the other days

Tuesday morning. Jan Gruntorad from Cesnet is busy working before anyone else. In all modesty, he tells me that he is not a dilligent worker, but rather woke up too early because of the time difference. Maybe so, but it is still my theory that he is busy.

Preparation for the morning session.

The session chair, Christoph Graf, SWITCH, unleashes on the scene...

Geoff Huston from APNIC

Here we have some (hand-drawn!) slides from 1990 predicting the depletion of IP-addresses.

Time for questions. The lights on the stage are bright.

Next item was Nicole Harris from JISC with a talk about uniting privacy, security and usability.

These three aspects of the applications we use, seem to live in separate camps today.

Our Croatian colleagues

Quite an impressive technical setup. When I see this, I think more of a rock concert than a techical conference.

One of the effective technical staff preparing the computer for the next presentation.

Bob van der Kamp from the Dutch Cyber Security Center talked about the DigiNotar case where a Certificate Authority was hacked rendering invalid a lot of certificates. He requested that we do not quote from the talk, so I will not do that.

Branko Marovic from AMRES in Serbia

In the lunch break I participated in a meeting regarding the TERENA Certificate Service.

The meeting was hosted by Kevin Meynell from TERENA.

The presentation about the Helix Nebula by Bob Jones from CERN...

...had a fantastic turnout. This is really the next hype after plain old cloud computing.

Juan Bicarregui from STFC about open data infrasturcture in his field, which is big facilities with photon or neutron sources

In the toilet, you find this device which is designed to look perfectly like a paper towel dispenser. It is, however, a hot air blower. Why? Icelanders should be able to learn how to recognize a hot air blower, too?

For the next session, I decided to be in the room where they save the planet: The green stuff. First talk by Robert Pekal from PSCN was about the GEANT project known to insiders as GN3 NA3 T5, namely the green accounting.

Part of the work in this project has been done by some of my colleagues from at home. It is also nice to hear from someone else that we have done a good job!

An inspiring talk from the company GreenQloud

No energy technology is completely green.

Another project where UNI-C is participating: Mantychore...

...presented by Andrew Mackarel from HEAnet

My conference day ended on the podium charing a BoF session on NRENs and the health sector, ...

where we tried to compile a state-of-the-nations about what the NRENs are doing for the Health Sector. The common denominator between all NRENs present were the ambition to do more for this sector than today.

Outside the hotel, I ran into this group. First, I thought they were smokers, but it turned out that they were pooling to to to dinner together.

Evening over Reykjavik. The weather was far better than the met office had promised.


Martin Bech, DeIC/UNI-C,