TNC2012 in Reykjavik - Wednesday 23/5-2012

Pictures from the other days

The wednesday morning plenary is chaired the none other than the president of the programme committee, David Kelsey from STFC

The first item is a Gartner-guy: Jan-Martin Lowendahl...

...who presents the Gartner hype-curve as a tsunami

A more provoking talk was given by Jacob Appelbaum about the Tor project

He shows some of the pop-ups that meet users on countries with internet censorship

And he gave a very good overview of the arms-race between Tor and the various technologies used by oppressive regimes around the world

A new initiative is to use the Tor statistics as a metric to measure the freedom of information in various countries around the world.

From Cisco - one of the participants in the arms-race Jacob Appelbaum spoke about - we recognize Klaas Wierenga. In my opinion one of the good guys!

For the next session, I chose high resolution video. First from PSNC: Piotr Ostapowicz

In PSNC, they built hardware to convert a 4K camera to do streaming instead of putting data on a storage device.

However, this was not without problems.

In the end, they managed to come up with a solution. The good news is that the camera producers are beginning to incorporate streaming capability into the new 4K camers.

Frédéric Noël from Université de Grenoble spoke about a big project to unite a lot of visualization resouces: Visionair

At the TERENA booth, people are signing the get-well card for Karel Vietsch. We miss you, Karel!

A new NREN colleague is this gentleman: Dr. Arjan Xhelaj, who is leader of the emerging Albanian NREN, ANA (Academic Network og Albania).

The soft chairs are popular

Working effectively behind the scene: Jørgen Qvist, the CTO of Norudunet

A very important feature of the TNC is the various side-meetings. I don't know what the meeting is about, but judging from the participants, it surely must be the federation mafia plotting new advances.

The session that featured me as a speaker was chaired by Zenon Mousmoulas from GRNET

Leandro Marcos de Oliveira Guimarães and Antônio Carlos Fernandes Nunes from RNP, the Brazilian NREN...

...presented how they started using ITIL

People swarming about the Nordunet stand

Here is an elevator door...

...and here is another where an insistent user would not take no for an answer

On the way to the gala dinner, this classic car catches the eye

The gala dinner takes place at the Harpa concert hall. In the front, we have my two good colleagues: Gitte Kudsk and Tangui Coulouarn from DeIC.

The head of the Icelandic NREN, RHnet, Mr. Sæþór L. Jónsson (with the tie) who is ultimately the responsible local organized of the TNC. Thank you.

A few words by the acting president of TERENA, Valentino Cavalli. Short and to the point.6~

TNC has turned into quite a crowd

Me at the francophone table with Sabine Jaume and Robert Ferret from RENATER.

When someone at a dinner table is behaving oddly, you can be sure the finnish people are involved.

My guess is that this gala event was the largest in the history of TERENA conferences, but it still had a good and cosy atmosphere to it.

Martin Bech, DeIC/UNI-C,