TNC2013 in Maastricht - Tuesday 4/6-2013

Pictures from the other days

The poster says it all: A large and well-run organization like SURF provides what we all dream of doing. We dream. They do it.

David Foster from CERN chairs the morning plenary.

The best talk yet on this TNC was given by Stephen Wolff from Internet2

He argued that big data is the main driver for the future and it grows so rapidly that we will have to move computing and storage to where the data is. Furthermore, network technology will not be something separate from other kinds of IT equipment, so network engineers will have to master all kinds of equipment. Truly inspiring.

Kurt Erik Lindqvist from the peering-point Netnod in Sweden talked about the history of peering and his visions in this field.

Coming from Denmark, I was very alarmed to see that we were completely annihilated...

...but I calmed down when we re-appeared at a later point in history.

Queuing for the coffee

Jessica Willis from DANTE caught in the coffee break.

Another well-known DANTE person: Dale Robertson in action

Josva Kleist from NORDUnet and our very own Gitte Kudsk from DeiC

Cathrin Stöver from DANTE

More people at TNC: Juha Hopia and Matti Laipio from Funet/CSC

Now look at this guy...

He has the shortest name ever!

Apparently, he has sacrificed everything for his company, including his name.

We owe the technical support staff a lot of thanks for enabling us all to have a good experience. Also on streaming video for the people who could not attend in person this year..

On the stage again, we have Erwin Bleumink, with a talk about how we stay relevant.

Here, we have my colleague, Thorkild Jensen from DeiC. He has just finished a video conference with people somewhere else in the world. As he says: You have everything here to get some work done: A nice sofa, a good network connection and easy-to-grab food upstairs.

A the TERENA booth we encounter more nice people: Christian Gijtenbeek, Michael Nowlan and Karel Vietsch.


The only french guy in DANTE, Xavier Martins-Rivas, meets the only french guy in DeiC, Tangui Coulouarn.

Scott Brim from Internet2. Scott is a sharp fellow - my picture is not. Sorry.

Once you have got your food, the next challenge is finding a spot to put your plate. The more createve people takes it downstairs.

Ready for the afternoon session. This one being about various flavors of data handling.

Marcin Werla from PSNC in Poland.

Michal Jankowski, also from PSNC

Bas Zoetekouw from SURFnet

Andrew Cormack from Janet who is one of the few people in the NREN world with a genuine interest in legal matters. In my opinion, this makes him a part of very precious and endangered species.

Tangui Coulouarn from DeiC considering his next move.

Here my colleague Thorkild again. This time in a different sofa. Still working.

Thorkild in a new video conference.

It strikes me that the NREN world is full of nice people. Especially in SURFnet. This is Andres Steijaert.

As part of the exhibition space, a demo area has been set up. Try it!

Here is Thorkild. Even after everyone is gone, he is still working.

The SURFnet exhibition area is decorated with the light snakes from the anniversay event.

The robot demo where you are inveted to remote-control a robot in Poznan and see the result in HD and 3D.

Some nice colleagues from GRnet: Afrodite Sevasti and Yannis Mitsos.

Norwegian colleagues: Ingrid Melve from UNINETT...

...and Alf Hansen. They cannot both stand still at the same time.

Back in session.

Viktor Reijs from HEAnet is chairing the session.

Ronald van der Pol from SURFnet has the floor...

...but the microphone is not working. The support staff fixed the problem quickly.

I will try this at home.

Michael Bredel from CERN about OpenFlow.

Massively parallel servers - of coffee.

Christian Panigl from ACOnet and some of his colleagues

Last item in the day: The Filesender BoF

Led by Guido Aben from AARnet...

...and Jan Meijer from UNINETT... a relaxed atmosphere.

Strolling to the city centre for dinner: Henriette Monrad and Gitte Kudsk from DeiC.

After dinner, the NORDUnet people has a GN3 SA2 Bandwidth-on-Demand event. With a quiz and prizes. Organized in the city.

Tony Breach from NORDUnet

Quiz participants - some SA2 people.

The activity lead (and now also quizmaster) Brian Bach Mortensen from NORDUnet

After the exhausting quiz, the team - and hangarounds like myself - all go for a beer in the city

The Maas.

The nice city of Maastricht

Martin Bech, DeIC,