TNC2014 in Dublin - Monday 19/5-2014

Pictures from the other days

The nice venue

The lecture hall is a place in heaven.

Bert van Pinxteren on the spot. As always.

There are a number of side meetings before the real conference. Here, it is the TAC (Technical Advisory Committee) chaired by Valter Nordh from SUNET. As he lives in Barcelona, we nickname him Valter South.

Just like you have never seen a classic western without John Wayne, you can not remember a TNC without Klaas Wierenga from Cisco.

This seriously-looking young man is Per Nihlen from SUNET...

...and his just-as-serious colleague Leif Johansson.

Brian Nisbet, HEAnet

This year, the lanyards holding the conference badges are colour-coded: purple for participants, red for speakers, blue for organization etc. However, not for Ingrid Melve from UNINETT. She has a white lanyard, just to make a point that it was the Norwegian 200th national day the day before yesterday.

TF-CPR management: Gitte Kudsk from DeiC and Laura Durnford from TERENA.

Peter Szegedi from TERENA telling about some very successful taskforces, that were nevertheless temporarily closed, notably TF-STORAGE.

Valentino Cavalli celebrates his upcoming nomination for (secretary) General with this Napoleonic gesture.

Mauro Campanella in the corner.

Mike Nowlan explaining why mobile coverage is almost non-existent in the building: According to UCD, all windows are metal foiled to keep core temperature down (whose?) and anyway mobile coverage is not a primary aim for a university.

The Nordic booth in the setup phase.

Student posters

Leif Johansson from SUNET talking about...

...when the shit hits the fan.

Guido Aben from AARnet

A lot of debate around how projects could be organised for a coalition of the willing NRENs.

Roland Hedberg from University of Umeå.

I wonder whether this typo is intentional: Exterenal

Gitte Kudsk (DeiC) and Tor Holmen (UNINETT) in the Nordic booth.

It is the sad duty of Valentino Cavalli to honour the late secretary general of TERENA, Karel Vietsch, with a minute of silence before the conference starts.

The opening of the conference is done by the TERENA president, Pierre Bruyere.

John Boland (HEAnet) giving the welcoming address

The opening keynote

A selfie by proxy

Sadly, the network seemed to be overwhelmed by the large turnout. These problems persisted through the first day, but since then, everything is fine.

Jørgen Qvist having a meeting at the Nordic booth.

The next session was a debate session on the global NREN challenges

Erik Huizer, SURFnet, is chairing the sesstion

Erwin Bleumink, SURFnet

Zoran Jovanivic, AMRES

Dave Lambert, Internet2

Andreas Dudler, SWITCH

The inner performer in John Dyer is not hidden far below the surface

One of many small meetings to plan this and that take place everywhere in the breaks. Here, we have Jari Miettinen from FUNET and Nadia Sluer from TERENA.

Networking-on-demand in the break. David Wilde, Dave Wilson and Tangui Coulouarn - probably discussing bandwidth-on-demand.

The nice lake...

...with a nice wildlife

When you see these ladders into the lake, you wonder what they are for:
The ducks?No
Student swimming?No
Involuntary stochastic student swimming after having ingested excessive quantities of various intoxicating substances?Yes

In the lobby of the O'Reilly Hall, I ran into another important conference participant: James Joyce, ... of some light classics (not!)

Home on bus 46A

And a nightcap after a very good first conference day.

Martin Bech, DeIC,