TNC2014 in Dublin - Tuesday 20/5-2014

Pictures from the other days

The morning plenary is chaired by Erik Huizer

Jelmer Evers...

...who sees the future of the educational sector, where...

...a shift will happen in the educational sector as we know it, and he sees...

...the shadow on the wall.

A question from a clever guy in the audience, Jan Ferré from DeiC.

Tracy Futhey from Duke University...

... should have told us about what a CIO needs from the NREN, but...

...her talk was 95% praise and commercial for her university.

Sponsored umbrellas in action between the plenary hall and the conference main building.

Compay clothes: DeiC and Nordunet

My next session was about fighting the network threads, starting with a very interesting talk by Cynthia Wagner from RESTENA, about all the network traffic going to and from the non-routed addresses - the "void" or "black hole" monitoring.

Some of this traffic is just spelling mistakes - some has a more sinister purpose.

When security teams recover data that has been "stolen" - how shoud these be handled?

This was the subject of a talk by Rogier Spoor, SURFnet

Christian Keil from DFN-CERT told about a new initiative with the hard rock acronym ACDC (Advanced Cyber Defence Centre for Europe).

The big tamale: René Buch from Nordunet

Licia Florio from TERENA is trying to be Nordic-for-a-day in the good company of Ingrid Melve from UNINETT.

The SDN demo by ADVA

A emerging service in my home network: Media Hosting by Kaltura. Visit their booth!

A well-known figure on his home turf: Dave Wilson from HEAnet.

The Dante Directors' Dynamic Duo: Matthew Scott and Niels Hersoug

Lukasz Ogrodowczyk from PSNC with a talk bearing the short and sweet title: "Hardware Abstraction Layer for non-OpenFlow capable devices"

Dave Wilson again...

...presenting, among other things, a definition of what the Internet is.

First, we had a predictable routing infrastructure...

...then we did all sort of things to mess it up.

Ronald van der Pol from SURFnet.

At TNC you can also do real work. Here is a guy sitting completely alone, and from the screen, you can clearly see he is coding.

It turns out to be one of the people from HEAnet.

The whole thing would not work without the active and dedicated staff of TERENA. Here, we have Nadia Sluer, Laura Durnford and Karim Mostafi.

Another important member of the TERENA staff is Magda Haver. Normally she looks very concentrated (=grumpy) on photos, but if she really concentrates...

...she can smile.

From these technical guys, Erik Kikkenborg from Nordunet and Kevin Dermody from HEAnet, I got the explanation as to why the network did not work the first day. In the pelnary hall, is was a wireless camera, that jammed the whole thing and in the other building, is was interference between the exsisting UCD network and the conference network that was the problem. After some re-configuration, the whole thing has worked very well ever since. Thank you.

Dave Wilson is still there. Glued to the stage by now.

Christoph Witzig from SWITCH

An ad-hoc meeting. Or should we call it a standing BoF? My guess is that it is about FileSender.

Niels Hersoug from Dante in conversation with Jean-Luc Dorel from the EC.

People getting on the bus.

In Ireland, as in the rest of the EU, we have the upcoming EU Parliament election, of which your are reminded by all the posters. This one looks like he has a halo. Maybe he needs it?

Martin Bech, DeIC,