TNC2014 in Dublin - Wednesday 21/5-2014

Pictures from the other days

People at the conference: Here, we have Domenico Vicinanza from Dante, preparing for his speech in the session shortly after.

Christian Grimm, Director of DFN, working hard as ever from this humble position.

A slightly less well-known, but nontheless nice person in the community is Aurelija Gefeniene from LITNET

Phil Norman from REANNZ in New Zaeland on his first TNC together with a more well-known TNC participant: Mary Fleming from AArnet, easily visible from a distance due to the glamorous hairdo.

Trupti Kulkarni from Dante with a presentation on CMon: Multi-Domain Circuit Monitoring using perfSONAR.

René Buch, pacing the floor around the Nordic booth and barking at anyone who comes near

The Gala evening is held in the amazing old Royal Hospital Kilmainham.

We had all known that Maria Häll from SUNET had posh clothes. It was new for me to observe that her staff (Leif Johansson and Per Nihlen) does too. The other lady in the picture is Lucy Elizabeth Lynch from the Internet Society.

The old boys network from Norway: Alf Hansen and Petter Kongshaug from UNINETT.

The dress code was "geek smart". A good example of this was presented by Lars Fischer, Nordunet.

Jari from Finland. Need I say more?

Home on the bus after a very good gala evening. You know it has been a good evening when you are sorry to leave. I was.

Martin Bech, DeIC,