TNC2015 in Porto - Saturday and Sunday 13-14/6-2015

Pictures from the other days

When I left my home in the cold north, the sky was blue and the sun was shining. If I am able to go to the TNC venue in advance, I usually do so in order to see the sights and enjoy the weather...

There is no reason to moan, though. Porto is also beautiful in the rain. Especially the azuleios - the glazed tiles on the houses - are more beautiful in the rain.

Interiors, too, are more appealing when it rains. Here, it is the church of St. Nicolau (aka Santa Claus).

Shops are also appealing: Crayons on display.

As it usually happens, the rain stopped and we could enjoy the beautiful city Saturday evening.

Sunday provided dry weather and a whole day to experience Porto. This mixture of old and new, worn-down and restored and many other contrasts. However - always interesting.

Houses with azuleios.

Because of the sea and the river, the gulls are everywhere in the city.

Taking a nap

or freshening up the face

Keeping an eye on everything...

...especially left-overs from the tourists

The great cathedral

A choir from Baltimore made a bit of marketing by spontaneously singing. Afterwards they distributed flyers about their concert later in the day in some other church.

I like infrastructure. Here it keeps a home together.

The main station...

...where some of the history of Portugal is depicted on azuleios. Ancient history in blue/white. Contemporary (1905) history in full colour!

Here, San Fransisco is not something in the US, it is a golden chruch!

This church has a very elaborate crypt with a lot of rooms full of people who paid to be put there. For eternity.

A session room for the bishops. If we had this a home, it would certainly add some pathos to our meetings.

The Luis I bridge in to levels

Help me, please! Who is this guy? Neptune? A patron saint of the city?

Wildlife of the Douro river.

A remaining piece of an old city wall.

Surprisingly many houses are abandoned. You should think this was prime real estate, just waiting to be restored. Perhaps it is just that: Waiting.

Some of the bridges of Porto.

This one is made by Gustave Eiffel - otherwise known as creator of a certain tower.

The city even has a cable car

The Ribeira riverfront

The Alfandega building - the TNC15 conference venue

The church of the saint of seafarers, St. Elmo. Built in 1300-something.

I like infrastructure. This particular specimen is probably up for renewal soon.

A visit to the Sandeman caves

City wildlife - or maybe tame-life?

A beautiful evening and nice weather is a good omen for the coming week and conference.

Martin Bech, DeIC,