TNC2015 in Porto - Tuesday 16/6-2015

Pictures from the other days

The morning plenary is chaired by Klaas Wierenga.

Sarah Kenderdine from The University of New South Wales...

...with a very inspiring talk about what augmented technology can do for museums and sites where it is not sustainable to have mass turism

or for browsing a film clip collection

Taking a question

A glimpse behind the scenes of the huge backlit screen. Apparently, two big projectors are enough to do the whole job.

The technical staff takes care of all this very professionally

and they man the cameras for the video transmission and recording

The only problem is the lack of stability of the WIFI network. At a network conference, you expect the network to work. Unfortunately, the load is too much for the WIFI network.

Maybe this member of the technical staff accidentally put his fingers in the wall outlet while trying to fix the problem.

Next, I was in the SDN track. Chaired by János Mohácsi.

Dale Finkelson from Internet2 shares experiences about making network slices for experimentation and innovation.

...including, as always, a network topology chart...

...and more unusually, a pie chart

However, we are soon back in our comfort zone with the overloaded network topology diagrams

The questions and debate continues long after the session is over

Everywhere, people are catching up with their mail and social media

Meet Karim Mostafi from GEANT. He is the go-to guy if you want to share your social media stuff on the media pages of the conference website.

Poster presentations are quite polular

From the sunglasses, you can see, that Lars Fuglevaag from UNINETT wants to go outside and smoke, but in reality, he works instead. Keep on - it's good for you!

In the nordic booth they are working hard to make each other famous

In the break, people take advantage of the great weather on the pier of the Alfandega building

David Simonsen from DeiC and Roland van Rijswijk-Deij from SURFnet discussing security and other topics in the sun

Ann Harding from SWITCH just before putting on the sunglasses

This is a very rare picture, taken at a shutter speed of 1/500 second, where you see these Nordunet people in the same place at the same time: Tony Breach, Brian Bach Mortensen, Josva Kleist and Jørgen Qvist.

A Hungarian moment

The Alfandega Buliding...

...has served as customs house which explains the strange combination of a palace fitted with rail tracks and cranes.

Mary Fleming from AARnet is easily recognizable from all angles due to her hairstyle - as blond as they come - that really lights up the room. Here, in the company of Marek Michalewicz from A*STAR.

Another familiar face is that of Yves Poppe - also from A*STAR.

The network is still unstable...

More network problems

There are many ways to participate in the conference

People at the conference: Leonie Schäfer from DFN and Aurelija Gefeniene from LITNET

Look at this piece of infrastructure, that apparently serves no purpose: A ladder that go from nothing to nothing for the purpose of accessing nothing?

Oh - that's what it is.

A beautiful night in a beautiful city

Martin Bech, DeIC,