TNC2015 in Porto - Wednesday 17/6-2015

Pictures from the other days

Nicole Harris from GEANT chairing the morning plenary

featuring Timo Lüge speaking about how social media can play an important role in disaster relief work

People at the conference: Iman Abdelrahman from UbuntuNet and two colleagues from KENET, Paul Nzau and Michelle Opiyo

Lightning talks are renamed to Thunderbolt Talks and the whole thing is managed by the NREN equivalent of Laurel & Hardy: Brook Schofield (GEANT) and Guido Aben (AARnet)

With an impressive list of speakers

Brian Nisbet from HEAnet sings a song. This ia a kind of "Verfremdung" which may be just what you need in order to be remembered among all the talks in this session.

David Wilde from AARnet

A 5 minute talk, shared by two speakers. Ambitious, but they made it!

Participants are asked to give statements about what they like best about the conference

I used some of the lunch break to go for a short walk... the adjacent hill where the "Palaco do Cristal" is replaced by this UFO-like sports arena...

...situated in a nice park...

...where the shrubs are trimmed to have the same shape.

Where I come from, it is usually the pigeons that decorate the statues in parks. Here, this role is taken over by the gulls.

In the small ponds, it is usually the ducks that wait for people to throw bread to them. Also done by gulls here.

There are, however, also real ducks here...

...with real ducklings

Just like you can observe that the gulls have...

...gull chicks.

The Alfandega building from above

Questions continue long after everyone else have left... go out and get a bit of air on the pier

For this purpose some ingenious GEANT prople have put on of the sofa outside. Here, it is populated by Maria Minaricova from GEANT

...and here I am, together with all my friends.

Another popular activity is queuing for the printer. When the end of the conference approaches, people need to get back to reality and for this, they need a boarding pass.

More wildlife: This is a serin. Just so that you know it!

Martin Bech, DeIC,