TNC22 in Trieste - Sunday and Monday 12-13/6-2022

Pictures from the other days
My #road2tnc - the Twitter tag that helps us all get back into the special mood and feeling of TNC

Already in the airport train, you meet at lot of familiar faces - although the still ubiquitous masks do not help the recognition

Canal Grande - the Trieste tourist showpiece

Sunday dinner with colleagues who are here to participate in the REFEDS meeting that is one of many side meetings of TNC

Evening in Trieste on the large pier, ...

...where everyone has to take a few snaps

"A man of genius makes no mistakes. His errors are volitional and are the portals of discovery." — James Joyce, Ulysses

Monday. The original #road2tnc past the station is blocked by construction works, so we have to take the less appealing main street along the other side of the railway area...

...where you see beauties like this building. Is this brutalist architecture or no architecture?

I love infrastructure. Research networking is not the only kind that can appear complicated.

Other types of infrastructure than networking can also have bottlenecks. Here, we have a shared sidewalk and bike lane!

Large parts of the Trieste harbour front is dominated by remains of the once very important free port and all its warehouses.

Some of these free port buildings are restored and one of those were used to host the GEANT GA.

... and you had to enter a very anonymous door to get in. Security by obsscurity.

Finding the TNC venue between the buildings is not immediately obvious, although helped by signs and people posted on important corners

People@TNC: Ronan Byrne from HEAnet

The GA meeting is about to begin

As this is a closed meeting, I don't publish any pictures from the meeting, except this overview

The NORDUnet booth ready for action

Lunch queues are obvious shorter before the conference itself gets started

While everyone else is taking a break out in the sun - a few are working dilligently...

...the most hard-working colleague of them all: Helmut Sverenyák from CESNET.

Harri Kuusisto from CSC in Finland, trying to hack his way into the apps needed to command a bicycle

I walked instead. He did not pass me on the way...

A must-see sight in Triste - the amphiteatre

At the GA dinner, three of the four board members who has ended their term since the last GA dinner i 2019 were thanked for their service. First Marko Bonač from Arnes.

Raimundas Tuminauskas from PSNC

Valter Nordh from NORDUnet

During the GA dinner Per Nihlén from SUNet is being taught the sacred art of making napkin hats by the maestro in this art...

Harri Kuusisto from CSC. A man of many talents.

And all of this is happening while the sun sets over the Adriatic...

Martin Bech, DeiC,