TNC22 in Trieste - Thursday 16/6-2022

Pictures from the other days
My morning session was about network orchestration

chaired by Ivana Golub from PSNC

Fabio Farina, GARR

People@TNC: Domenico Vicinanza from GÉANT

Veronika di Luna, also from GÉANT

The whole area around the venue was dominated by this kind of urban decay. The remains of an era where the free port of Trieste was much more active than today. When we come back in ten years, the whole thing is restored, but the special feeling is gone.

The stage smoke. It says it is supposed to be harmless.

Erik From PSNC operating the enormous screen. It uses 30kW when idling and up to 90kW when showing bright images.

People@TNC: Davide Vaghetti from GARR and Charlie van Genuchten from SURF.

Chris Janson, Nokia

The back of the giant screen looks like something from StarWars

People@TNC: Clementina Mataveia and Carlos Manhique from MoRENet in Mozambique

Clementina and some other nice guy. Oh - it's me.

Moises Mucelo - also from MoRENet

The NORDUnet people, we owe so much when it comes to networking at TNC: Erik Kikkenborg, Anders Mundt Due (on loan from DeiC), Bo Sixten Staahle and Søren Skou

It's time for the closing plenary. Erik Huizer on stage

...taking a tour of the networking infrastructure of GÉANT, including NORDUnet and all the other regional and international networks that belong to the community. It would seem like an obvious idea to go through the networking infrastructure in this way, but to my recollection, it had never been done like this in a plenary session before. Hence, a brilliant idea!

The real hero of the day: Bram Peeters from GÉANT presenting the results of the GN4-3N project: The new IRU-based network.

...and the new network is "started" when Andreas Dudler presses the big red button. This is shown in an animation on the screen

On the next picture, however, the network is shown as a static picture again. Did someone press the button one time too many?

The closing plenary was a wonderful choice by the programme committee: Gihan Kamel from the SESAME synchrotron in Jordan, ...

...talking about science, people, politics, peace, was and gender equality in a way that was very moving and engaging.

Sarah Jones from GÉANT poses a question

Then it was time to remember two persons in our community we lost since the last TNC: Miro Milinowic about whom Klaas Wierenga held a speech that made us all remember him very well

and Rhys Smith from JISC that may have been known to fewer people, but died far too young. Nicole Harris held a moving speech about him.

And then - without furter ado - on to next year's TNC, which is going to be held in Tirana.

If there was ever unclear whether the 3N project would reach Tirana with dark fibre, this news certainly removes any doubts about that.

Arjan Xhelaj, director of RASH, the Albanian NREN, takes the scene, welcomes everyone in Tirana and remarks that this will be 20 years since the TNC was last held in the Balkans.

Handing the baton (which turns out to be coffee pot and some coffee) from this year's organizer to the next.

The programme committee chair, Anna Wilson from HEAnet, thanks everyone

Gloria Vuagnin from GARR has a special present for her colleague and in many ways the local kingpin of the organization behind this year's TNC, Claudio Allocchio

Right there on the scene, it was not clear what the actual gift was...

but later on Claudio sent me this picture. He certainly earned it!

Conference statistics - surprising as always, but this year even more, since it was not clear in advance how Covid, Ukraine and other events would affect the number of participants

After the closing plenary, all is not over. There are still side meetings, and one of these rooms are used by Floor Jas from SURF who has an important video conference. I take the picture just as she looks up and realizes I am in the room, too. That is not fair - I promise to take a picture of you smiling at the next TNC, Floor.

A Public Affairs BoF, hosted by Hendrik Ike from GÉANT

Also a personal thanks from me to all the people that made this TNC such a success!
Martin Bech, DeiC,