TNC22 in Trieste - Tuesday 14/6-2022

Pictures from the other days
People@TNC: Chris Atherton from GÉANT

The nice people from Ribbon: Jonathan Homa and Ulrich Hildebrand

Colleacues from NORDUnet: Jørgen Qvist and Ulf Tonelid

The Swedish T&I heros: Pål Axelsson and Björn Mattsson

Ulf Tonelid with his new director of NORDUnet: Valter Nordh

The opening session begins with a live performance using LOLA

shown on a screen larger than anything we have seen before

The perforance was very nice, and a considerable technical achievement, but when you are expecting a short intro and get a full 12 minute perforamnce you are a little unsure as audience what kind of experience you are in for.

The opening welcome

...on a backdrop that warps back and forth...

...but the warp speed is different for different segments of the screen. First, it looks like an error, but it is meant as an artistic effect.

Welcome by Andreas Dudler, chairman of the GÉANT board

and the CET Erik Huizer

An important feature of the opening session is a message from Yevhenii Preobrazhenskyi from URAN, the Ukranian Research Network describing the very challenging reality of operating a network in a country under attack.

A welcome from the local hosting organization, the Italian NREN GARR

The keynote speaker is both local and global. The nobel peace prize laureate Filipo Giorgi,

who talks about who human behaviour has be integrated in the climate models and other aspects of the future of the earth and climate modeling

The huge screen and the whole production of this event has evolved - thanks to PSNC and NORDUnet - to a point where it is so professional that I can hardly imagine how it could evolve further. But don't you worry - the PSNC and NORDUnet guys will come up with something new next year, too.

More of the professional equipment brought to TNC by PSNC - a large camera boom

and WiFi access points distributed in the room

Another "professional" feature is the stage smoke. It is supposed to be harmless, but my respiratory system is not so sure

An impressive setup for the production of the show

The GÉANT community award is this year awarded to

Tryfon Chiotis from GÉANT who deserves this more than anybody for his kingpin role in the project, the community and in GÉANT

and Paul Dekkers from SURF who did the first design of eduroam and who has continued to play a vital role for this an other services

The Vietsch medal is awarded to

Natalia Manola, OpenAIRE

The NORDUnet tech guys having lunch - partly in one of the few places offering shadow

Mads Freek from DeiC considering the next steps of development

The lunch area in the other building still has managable queue size at the beginning of the lunch break

People@TNC: Natalia Manola from OpenAIRE and Veronika di Luna from GÉANT

When there are no customers in the real environment, you can always have a meeting with some online

People@TNC: Joakim Allerup and Claus Gohr from DeiC

The first strike og lightning sessions is chaired by Nicole Harris from GÉANT - not a stranger to the podium herself

...and Anna Wilson of HEAnet to whom the same thing applies (indeed)

They promote Jan Meijer from SIKT to become "his royal highness".

...a title that apparently pleases him.

However, Microdep measurements are as serious a topic as they come

Thijs Kinkhorst from SURF with a very appealing small service: A URL shortener made and operated by the NREN

The most moving lightning talk was given by Guy Halse from TENET in South Africa

...makeing us all aware that a digital divide still exists on many levels between the "Global West" and the developing world

Normally, we don't think of "the long tail" when it comes to mobile phones.

When we don't make apps available in for instance the Huawei app-store, it is not at big issue in Europe where only every 20th phone is a Huawei, but in Africa, it is every 3rd phone.

Minette Henriksson and Markus Schneider are the main responsible people in SUNet for the services supporting collaboration and education: Zoom, Kaltura, LMS procurement and much more.

A look at the main plenary room from the technical support room...

...where my good colleagues Anders Mundt Due and Bo Staahle was working at that moment

This slide certainly shows the difference between a standard commercial network where you can more or less predict traffic as opposed to research network traffic, that has a much more erratic character.

Drinks coupons could be used on three bars in the city centre

...and surprisingly, these coupons did not only provide a drink, but also a very fancy variety of snacks

Martin Bech, DeiC,