TNC22 in Trieste - Wednesday 15/6-2022

Pictures from the other days
My morning session is a mixed bowl called "Strategic NREN Hacking", which starts out with Maarten Kremers

and Hannah Short

Tom Røtting from Sikt with a nice talk about new management practices

Guido Aaben from AARnet introducing

Leandro Guimares from RNP in Brazil

People@TNC: Alan Buxey and Thijs Kinkhorst from SURFnet

The number of sinks in the toilet is probably a function of the number of toilets. The interesting question is: How do they calculate the number of dryers? Here, the ratio is 2 dryers to 3 sinks...

...whereas in this toilet, they use another kind of water that dries faster, and therefore they only need 2 dryers to serve 6 sinks.

Juniper has a person dedicated to the research and education vertical. I didn't know that. His name is Shane Praay. Go meet him.

A novelty at this TNC is real commercials in the break. It is just like going to the movie theater

The wednesday plenary is chaired (again) by Nicole Harris

Prominent members of the crew from PSNC: Wojtek Bohdanowicz and Damian Niemir whose voice will be known to all participants as the deep voice introducing the plenary sessions

You are reminded of the old Noel Coward song: Only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun

A few has taken the #road2tnc via road. CARNET has taken the company car!

People@TNC from ESnet: Nick Buraglio and Eli Dart

David Wilde from AARnet

Renato Furter, SWITCH

Leif Johansson, SUNet

Stefan Liström from SUNet is sooo ready for the next session. Later, I found out the he was one of the lightning speakers

The lightning talks where chaired by Nicole Harris (again again) and ...

...Guido Aaben who called this the TikTok of TedTalks

Who wants to be a millionaire as a theme for this talk about the GREN map project

Another novelty at this TNC: Power banks you can borrow by using an app. They have, however, thought about the situation where you battery is totally flat, as there is also a charge cable at each station.

Preparation at the Gala Dinner venue

People@TNC: The DeiC CEO Gitte Kudsk and Rasmus D. Jensen from Aalborg University (both from Denmark)

Artur Binczewski and Robert Pekal from PSNC - flanked by their spouses.

The most impressive mortadella sausage I have ever seen

Norway's finest from Sikt: Olaf Schelderup, Rolf Sture Normann, Vidar Faltinsen and Kurosh Bozorgebrahimi

Cathrin St&otrema;ver fraom GÉANT says she is satisfied with the conference. For good reason. From a participant's view, everything works great and it so great to be back at a physical TNC!

Two nice guys from regional networks in Canada: Richard Lacombe from RISQ in Quebec and Bala Kathiresan from BCNET in British Columbia

Here, we have a person that is certainly not a newcomer to the TNC: Jabine Jaume from RENATER (and again Richard Lacombe)

Floor Jas from SURF and Ana Pinto from FCCN

The salad is made by the chef whose name is Oliver

Robert Sultana from the Maltese NREN alongside Janos Mohácsi from KIFÜ

You may wonder - where are the finnish praticipants? Oh - there they are.

A huge gratitude to Federico Ruggieri and all the people at Garr for their part as a local organizer of this event. Thank you, all!

Martin Bech, DeiC,