TNC23 in Tirana - Friday 9/6-2023

Pictures from the other days
Just beacuse we had the closing session yesterday, it does not mean the whole thing is over.

I am here for the CS3MESH4EOSC meeting. First time I saw this name, I thought someone fell asleep over the keyboard and accidentally and hit all the keys.

Denmark is completely irradicated from the map. Scary.

Rosanna Norman (GÉANT) and Olga Popcova (RENAM)

My meeting is not the only one, there are several like REFEDS, Mobility Day and other things.

Some people even came here only for the friday side meetings, like Wenche Backman-Kamila from CSC, standing here together with Martin Leuthold from SWITCH.

In order to take the last energy out of the room, Guido Aaben starts to talk about policy ;-)

but we end on a happy note with a group photo

Erik and Steffie - I guess they are doing a quick evaluation of the whole thing. I can only say as a participant, that I liked it from A to Z !

A potato sea

It is a bit sad to go to the airport and away from the whole thing...

...but at the airport, the party continues...

Here we have Ieva Muraškienė from NORDUnet, a bunch of nice people from Litnet and Magdalena Rzaca from GÉANT

And we get to spend even more time together, since the flight is a couple of hours delayed. Just like we have the hashtag #Road2TNC, we ought to have one named #ThelongandwindingroadfromTNC.

Even though I miss my flight and have to sleep in Warsaw, a TNC is worth the whole thing! Thank you for this time and see you again next year!

Martin Bech,