TNC23 in Tirana - Monday 5/6-2023

Pictures from the other days
For me, Monday is the day of the GÉANT General Assembly

In one of the breaks, we have the first chance to give our warm thanks to Arjan Xhelaj, the director of RASH, the local host of TNC

Another round of thanks in the meeting goes to Gyöngyi Horvát and Sabine Jaume who have both done a huge effort in the GÉANT community programme over many years, but are both leaving the programme (for different reasons).

...and speaking of Gyöngyi, here she is at a TF-EDU side meeting

The Skanderbeg Square

South of the conference venue, there is a nice city park around an artificial lake

Grebe chicks

There are amphitheatres several places around the city. This obviously makes so more sense here than in northern Europe

The TNC23 main conference venue

In Albanian, the month of June and the word for cherry are very close to each other, so this is a symbol to celebrate the current time of the year

An interesting house which have elements of both old and new (old as in the 1960's)

This looks like it is inspired by EUR in Rome

New architecture around The Pyramid

A mosque, which must be built after 1991, since they were forbidden before that

Concrete - brutalist - houses where people live. I think this has a charm of its own

The GA dinner takes place at a restaurant in the Dajti National Park, which is reachable via cable car

The cable cars have boxes used for skis and snowboards, but as there are no ski slopes, the equipment must have had a previous life in the Alps

From up there, you can see the Marriott Hotel, but it is difficult to find the conference center that houses the TNC.

Bu Sung Lee (SingAREN) and Maria Häll, the director of SUNET.

Redouane Merrouch from CNRST in Morocco, Yousef Torman from ASREN (the Arab States REN) and Boubakar Barry from WACREN - the regional collaboration of NRENs in West and Central Africa.