TNC23 in Tirana - Sunday 4/6-2023

Pictures from the other days
The hash tag #Road2TNC has really grown into something that fills all social media - at least mine. My #Road2TNC included a stopover in Frankfurt where my bag had to stay for an extra day. It is my impression something similar happened to quite a lot of people, so if we had a #Suitcase2TNC tag, it might be be popular, too.

My first glimpse of Albania: The Adriatic...


An aluminium mining and factory...

Modern architecture (almost a factory of housing)...

Involountary housing

A lot of old planes exhibited at the airport. Some were fine - others looked like wrecks. Before you start worrying, the important things looked brand new, like air traffic control, fire engines etc.

People meet in the hotel garden: Susanne Michelsen, NORDUnet, Per Nihlen from SUNET, David Wilde from AARnet and Leif johansson from SUNET.

These two ladies look like they never will run out of juice: Licia Florio (NORDUnet) and Gyöngyi Horváth (GÉANT).

Important buildings: The conference center that houses the TNC

The Polytecnical University at the end of the boulevard

The Rogner Hotel that also house some sessions

The Pyramid of Tirana - originally built as a museum, but nowadays it is a youth IT centre

The Toptani shopping center, where I had an opprtunity to do a bit of shopping due to my lost suitcase

Concrete buildings from the communist era may not be very charming from an immediate point of view, but opposed to modern buildings they look like people are actually living in them, which in turn will make them look much more interesting than the modern glass palaces, where you are not sure whether they are inhabited at all

For anyone interested in the cloud, this is the place to go. This art installation is called Reja - The Cloud.

A piece of art made out of satellite dishes - perhaps signifying many channels

Wherever you walk in the city, you bump into prople from the community: Here, the nice people from Amres in Serbia: Katarina, Adrijana and Bojan

I like it when the connection infrastructure is visible

The so-called castle of Tirana, but behind the wall, there are just modern shops and restaurants

Easting with other nice and interesting prople from the community: Sara Garavelli (CSC), Jakob Tendel (DFN) and Jan Meijer (Sikt).