TNC23 in Tirana - Tuesday 6/6-2023

Pictures from the other days
A Latin America moment in front of the Rogner Hotel

People@TNC: Alberto Perez Gomez (RedIRIS) and Rafael Rodriguez Maldonado from RENATA in Columbia

It is still early in the morning as you can see from my colleague Tangui Coulouarn (DeiC)

Anass Chabli (RENATER)

Rogier Spoor (SURF)

...tells that SURF runs eduVPN as a managed service

The main developer of eduVPN, François Kooman (DeiC)

A toilet door. When you must, you must.

As tradition goes, there is a multimedia show at the opening session

The opening session is a scripted dialogue between...

Erik Huizer, the director of GÉANT...

and Gilles Massen, the Chair of the Board of GÉANT (whose dayjob is to be CEO of the Luxembourg NREN RESTENA)

During the welcoming address by the minister of sports and education, Evis Kushi...

...Erik gets the unusual role of lurking in the background shadows

John Dyer from the Vietsch Foundation takes the stage to award the Vietsch Medal Arjan Xhelaj for creating a whole NREN from scratch in the course of 10 years: RASH, the Albanian NREN.

And no - this not Arjan suddenly growing a lot of hair

A tribute to a long standing and remarkable member of the community, Andrew Cormack, who is deceased earlier this year, ...

...made by Victoriano Girault (UMA)

The GÉANT Community awards are handed out by Poul Rouse (GÉANT) Sabine Jaume for immense contributions in many capacities over many years

and to Sebastiano Buscaglione from GÉANT for his huge and succesful efforts in the GN4-3N project

Sabine, clearly moved, makes a speech to say thank you

The opening keynote is made by Mira Mezini (TU Darmstadt) who is herself Albanian by birth

who talks about safe and secure software development

which is a very interesting topic, but it quickly becomes a litte too complicated

A thanks to the sponsors

My home away from home: The NORDUnet booth

GÉANT - NORDUnet board lunch

Before the conference, rumour had it that there were no air conditioning at the venue, but by the looks of these installations, this must have changed recently. Thank you for making this happen!

Tom Lehman from ESnet describe the SENSE orchestration infrastructure, that enables large data transfers

This is good, but the whole thing quickly evolves into something that looks like the instrumentation of an oil refinery

The chair of the session, Ivana Golub (PSNC), introduces the next speaker

Maria Isabel Gandia (CSUC in Spain)

The talk is a very good overview of all the tools and services we have in the community to support a global packet delivery that works

John Dyer hands out the few publicity leaflets he managed to bring in his hand luggage as the rest was still under way...

People@TNC: Tangui Coulouarn (DeiC) and Ana Pinto (FCCN)

Time for the lightning talks - first strike

A picture which describes a European procurement process

There are many ways to capture the audience: An all-pink slide is a new approach

In the middle of this talk about detecting network problems, the eduroam connection from the conference hall actually broke down. What are the odds of that?

Lensa Abera comes the Ethiopian NREN, which is called

...EthERNet. A name that must be easy for all network engineers to remember.

People@TNC: Bu Sung Lee (SingAREN)

The good people from Finland - still not intoxicated

Some of GÉANT's finest: Mario Reale and Chris Atherton

Gilles Massen (RESTENA+GÉANT) and János Mohácsi (KIFÜ)

Trust&Identity in a Nordic context: Marina Adomeit (SUNET) and Licia Florio (NORDUnet)

...and Licia wants me and Marina to be in the photo blog also

The master mind and chief whip of the whole conference Steffie Bosman from GÉANT overlooking the whole thing from the balcony

Here they are - free and open - Guido Aaben (from god knows what NREN these days) and Tangui Coulouarn (DeiC)

There are a lot of people from other organizations than NRENs in our community. Very good examples of this are Albert Calvo Ibañea and Nil Ortiz Rabella from i2CAT in Spain, which does all sorts of work in all sorts of projects in our community.

The "backbone" of GÉANT management: Tryfon Chiotis, Cathrin Stöver and Matthew Scott

The world is bigger than Europe: Jane Gifford from AARnet, Barb Carra CEO of Cybera, the regional network of Alberta in Canada and Chris Hancock, CEO of AARnet in Australia.

Brian Nisbet (HEAnet) and Alf Moens (GÉANT)

More people from HEAnet: Garvan McFeeley and Ronan Byrne

Björn Mattsson and Johan Wassberg - both from SUNET

Our community could not exist without some new equipment from time to time. Here we have the good people from Ribbon.

Leonie Schäfer from DFN together with Beatrix Weber (GÉANT)

Two of the enduring forces behind the network of Sikt in Norway: Olaf Schelderup and Kurosh Bozorgebrahimi

Some people are dreamers - others are doers: Good examples of that are Gyöngyi Horváth and Nathalie McKenzie from GÉANT

A relief from the past

and an even older mosque

In a few years, all the old concrete buildings will have been replaced by new and higher ones

A snack with the colleagues

The statue of Skanderbeg, the national hero that the square is named after

TNC23 Street Party in the Toptani pedestrian street

Paul Rouse and Bram Peeters enjoying the rather loud music

Now, this is real dedication to the work: Bringing the laptop and working throughout the party

To make sure everyone sees the traffic lights, the whole mast is used